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Ciming Incarnation

Ciming (1904-1991), whose folk name was Chen Wanchao with courtesy name being Furu and religious name being Daosen. He was born in Sanhe Village, Jiangsu Province. When six years old, he entered a local temple, following a Kongfu Coach from Shaolin Temple, Liaoqin to practice Kongfu. He returned home and stayed for 3 years. And came back to the temple to become a monk, and was renamed Ciming. In 1934, he went to Longchang Temple in Mountain Baohua, Nanjing City to be fully disciplined. In 1937, he followed Monk Laiguo to further study and was appointed several important positions. When new China was founded, he participated in constructing irrigation works. In the construction site in Xinjiang Town, he shouldered two baskets of earth weighed 400 kg, which was equal to several people's. He was awarded a flag embroidered eight hundred Jin and a mulberry shoulder pole. From then on, he was known as eight hundred Jin in the middle part of Jiangsu province. In the spring of 1961, he moved to Shuangxi Temple, by turn he lived in Shuifu Temple, The Longevity Hall, Yisu Nunnery and Dongya Temple. In 1963 he was transferred to a buddhist team in Tongling and lived in Yongping Nunnery. In 1979 he returned to Mountain Jiuhua and lived in Dongya Bell Room. He had taken charge of the bell for nearlly 10 years. He always wore a shapless felt hat and hold a convenient spade. He was ugly in appearance but kind in heart. In 1988, he went Zhengtian Gate to lead the repairing work of Linggong Palace, he painted the the figures, watched the rules strictly and sat cross-legged to meditate. Before he died, he wrote a poem saying: Dead or alive, it's not important, if not leave, staying would be vacant. At 6 PM., on 11st, Jan, 1991, he died and his body was put into a pot at the request of him. When the pot was opened 3 years later, it was found that his hair still existed, his Adam's apple could be easily traced, and his skin was intact. So it was put into the Longevity Hall and worshipped there.

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