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Want fried rice with that?

What:Another of Richmond's best-kept secrets
Remarks:Cathay Gourmet. OK, color us uninformed. But if we hadn't been ordering a meal at the time,we never would have guessed what kind of food this Bon Air restaurant serves.

  That's because we,the blissfully ignorant,didn't know Cathay refers to the Mongol people who ruled in Beijing from the mid-10th century to the early 11th century.Nor did we know that it's a former name fo Chian.
  Now that you've had your history lesson,which,as it tums out, is appropriate - it's Asian-Pacific Heritage History Month- let us explain how to get to Cathay.
  The restaurant, not the country.
  We wouldn't be surprised if three-quarters of the people who drive by don't notice Cathay.
 The restaurant equipped with bables but geared more for takeout, is in that miniature Bermuda Trianglecreated by the intersections of Huguenot Road, Buford Road and Forest Hill Avenue.
  Cathay Gourmet is located at 8920 Forest Hill Ave. if you turn onto Forest Hill from Huguenot, it's on the left.
  As is often true of Chinese food(in America,at least), the food is steamed hot, fast and plentiful.  But Cathay's dishes seemed particularly fresh: the fried rice well-fried, the spring rolls well-sprung.
  And may we recommend the Vegetable Delight?  A combination platter($4.25 at lunch and $6.25 at dinner)includes fried rice plus soup or spring roll. Snow peas,baby corn,carrots, water chestnuts-all the usual suspects-but without that overly preserved taste.
  There's also a health and diet menu:no oil, no cornstarch,no salt.

Monday: CLosed
Tues. to Thurs.:
11:00 am -10:00 pm
Fri. & Sat.:
11:00 am -11:00 pm
noon -10:00 pm

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